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IU Health Sports Medicine Patient Philosophy

spme-kidsmall.jpgIt is the belief of the IU Health Sports Medicine physicians and staff that is important to individualize treatments for sports medicine patients. Athletes need innovative, cutting edge treatment that will return them to action as quickly as possible. The IU Health Sports Medicine pledges to do everything within reason, using modern technology to provide the most appropriate and least interventional treatment in order to return athletes and patients to active lifestyles.

Our physicians are trained to manage chronic diseases that can affect exercise and performance -- including asthma, arthritis, and headaches. They are dedicated to prevention and wellness, an important aspect of any active lifestyle or training program. Through education and nutritional counseling, patients learn about their overall physical condition and methods for ensuring a healthy approach to sports-related activities.

Physicians at the IU Health Sports Medicine are Board Certified in sports medicine and have a comprehensive understanding of sports terminology and the lifestyle of an athlete. They address prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and illnesses, including chronic pain and acute injuries. Patients are assessed on a case-by-case basis with consideration of all factors, including lifestyle and return-to-sport activities. To complement rehabilitation, you will have direct access to occupational therapists, nutritionists and psychologists.